Monday, August 21, 2006

The things we see through

I finally see through myself. For so long I was opaque. I woke up today and through the mirror I saw the wall behind me. I didn't see my brown skin. I didn't see my face. I was completely out of focus. I guess it's because I'm at a turning point. I've finally came to the fork in my mind. Do I go the traveled path, or the untraveled path. So many travel the path that has foot steps. Few have created there own.

The path I'm set for is clear and open. No uncertainty. I can write a book through it in a volt and read it in twenty years. I probably wouldn't be shocked. For that reason I'am scared. There are so many unhappy people with the frequent traveled path. There are so many people that would rewrite there adult life.

All these commitments. All these boring twists and turns. What's wrong with just being? Just being you when you want to be you. Not being you when you don't want to be you. Fly to a far off place because you want to fly to a far off place. How come this can't be? I wanna be. I wanna be there! I wanna be there so bad that I will let go everything I have just to be there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So many people are unhappy when they travel that frequent path because they assume their outcome should be like the person they are emulating. They don't account for the differences in people, obstacles, experiences, time frame. They figure the tried and true should work for them also, but sometimes it doesn't.

I believe in setting your own course. But before choosing to travel the untraveled path, make sure that is where you want to go before you “let go of everything I [you] have just to be there”. There is uncertainty which ever way you choose, but more so down an un-navigated route. Sometimes the people that we are with do not see that path as we do and that can lead to turmoil or fear in the other person and can rattle the relationship we’re in. (Trust me.) I have chosen that path and I pray that the person I am with stays willing to travel it with me...but it's beginning to look bleak. At this point, do you choose to stay on this course or turn to the "traveled path of more stability" for the sake of loved ones? We would like to think that our loved ones will support and stick it through with us, but that isn't always the case. When is the untraveled path (the one our heart leads us down in order "to just be") too much for our loved ones to bear and therefore (for the sake of staying with them) do we change direction?

It's difficult to take the untraveled path with loved ones in mind because you're asking them to believe in a dream that isn't theirs, and therefore they can’t see it as clearly as you can. But I guess ultimately, the goal is to have a life that you would NOT want to rewrite. Good luck and God bless.

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